China: 125,000,000-Year Old Giant Mummified Penis Baffles Scientists

China: 125,000,000-Year Old Giant Mummified Penis Baffles Scientists

A team of paleontologists of the Linyi University’s Institute of Geology and Paleontology made an astonishing discovery, while excavating at a site in China’s Sichuan province. They unearthed a 10-meter (33 feet) long mummified penis dating back to the Early Cretaceous period and estimated to be at least 125 million years old.

The scientists, co-led by Dr Xing Xu and Dr Xiaoting Zheng, have unearthed the gigantic reproductive organ of a previously unknown dinosaur, near the town of Zidong, in a region literally known as a “cemetery of dinosaurs”.

This new species has been named Phallosaurus or Xīyì dà yīnjīng, which means “lizard with a large penis”, as the size of its genital organs exceeds, by far, that of any other known species.

“Just like bulls, Xīyì dà yīnjīng had a fibro-elastic penis containing only a small amount of erectile tissue,” said Dr Xu, the lead author of the paper published by the researchers in the Nature magazine. “This means that there was little enlargement after erection and that penis was quite rigid, even when non-erect. Therefore, males of that species of dinosaurs, had to walk around with 10-meter long penises hanging between their legs, all the time!”

Even if no bones of phallosaurus were ever found and there is very little evidence as to what it might have looked like, Dr. Xu believes that it was certainly an herbivorous creature, as the size of its reproductive organ would have greatly limited its mobility.
Some might think that the size of its genital organs could have been a serious hindrance for this strange dinosaur, but the experts believe, on the contrary, that it could have been the species main tool and defense system.
“Its large sexual organ was possibly used as much as a weapon as for reproductive reasons,” adds Dr. Zheng.
“We believe that the phallosaurus certainly used its large sexual organ to intimidate predators, and it could use it as a gigantic club if it was attacked. It might also have been used in other ways during the mating process. It it not impossible that the males may have undergone some sort of “penis-fight” in order to determine which one was the strongest.”

Sigurdur Hjartarson, owner and founder of the Icelandic Phallological Museum and leading specialist in male reproductive organs, was invited to inspect the penis. He believes the phallosaurus must have weighted at least 20 tons and measured 25 meters long to carry such a member.

In comparison, the title of the world’s largest penis today, goes to the blue whale, which has a penis measuring up to two meters in length. If we consider the size of the reproductive organ proportionally to the size of the animal’s body, the title is won by the barnacle, as this small crustacean has a penis of more than 1.5 times his body length.



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