WTF Is This Mystery Creature Recently Discovered Floating In The Persian Gulf ??

Humans might be the most dominant creature on Earth, but there are many corners of the planet that we have yet to explore. Because of the fact that we have not seen all of our planet, there is a special branch of conspiracy theories devoted to cryptozoology, or the study of rare creatures and mysterious animals.

Two years ago, the crew of a supply vessel in the Persian Gulf came across the rotting corpse of one of these unknown creatures. The pictures they snapped are more than a little disturbing, and have theorists speculating up a storm.

What the heck is that thing?

It looks like some sort of twisted Loch Ness Monster. But what is it doing in the Persian Gulf?

A few of these photos made their way onto Reddit, where commenters were quick to point out that it looks like the remains of a dead whale.

The supply ship was unable to bring the corpse back to land for testing, so these photos serve to tell a sufficiently creepy tale.

I really hope that it’s just the body of a dead whale. If that’s not what it is, then I think we’re about to have a giant, Godzilla-type monster battle on our hands.


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