This Shocking Video Shows How ‘China Will Attack The U.S.’

This Is The Insane Video China Just Put Out Showing It Attacking The U.S.


A small group of Chinese Navy ships showed up near Alaska earlier this week during President Obama’s visit to the northern state, mostly as a “we’re here” message. But then, as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army marched in a Beijing parade, someone simultaneously put out this completely nuts video of a naval attack on an American fleet, and on an American base that looks suspiciously like the one on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

If that wasn’t stronger than a implicit “we’re here” message, I’m not sure what is. Couple that with news from earlier today showing that the Chinese Navy actually passed through American waters under the “Right of Innocent Passage” (something that the U.S. Navy is quite familiar with on its own), and you’ve got something quite explicit indeed.

First spotted by the Council on Foreign Relations, it’s not exactly subtle. It wasn’t the PLA Navy attacking a generic foreign navy, and a generic foreign base either. China’s enemy, in this example, very clearly resembled the United States, after a Chinese base suffered a first strike of its own.

The ballistic missile launches are accompanied by what looks to be Chinese H-6 bombers of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, launching cruise missiles of their own.

The jet fighters soar over an amphibious force of Zubr-class hovercraft and landing ships, which place Type 96 tanks and other vehicles on a beachhead.

By Michael Ballaban,  Foxtrot Alpha


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