Sperm Bank In China Offers Cost Of iPhone 6s For 17ml Donation

Sperm Bank In China Offers Cost Of iPhone 6s For 17ml Donation
We’ve heard some real scare stories about what people in China are willing to do in order to afford an iPhone or iPad. Selling a kidney is not unheard of, and one girl offered her virginity in return for an iPhone 4. But thankfully there’s now a better way to afford an iDevice if you don’t have the cash to hand.

Renji Hospital sperm bank in Shanghai is offering to give you enough cash to purchase an iPhone 6s in return for a sperm donation. This sperm-for-iPhone trade requires the male individualproduce 17ml of the stuff in order to receive $940.

With a quick bit of research (thanks Wikipedia (NSFW)) I am informed that the male ejaculation produces no more than 10ml of fluid. So Renji is going to need you to visit a couple of times, or be full of vigor and able to go two rounds in quick succession in order to get the iPhone 6s cash.

Of course, you don’t have to use the cash to buy an iPhone, Renji has just picked a very popular and highly desirable gadget on which to pin their marketing push. Clearly they need quite a bit of sperm to fill their bank, and this kind of advertising on the popularWeChat messaging service will surely get them that.

So, men of China, keep your kidneys and instead plan a visit to Renji in Shanghai. As well as being a much safer alternative way to raise some cash, I guarantee you’ll enjoy the experience, at least for a few seconds.

By Matthew Humphries, Geek


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