Researchers In Russia Discover Over A Dozen Of Mysterious Disc-shaped Objects Containing ‘Tungsten”

More news from Russia as researchers in Volgograd have discovered over a dozen of disk-shaped objects, including one which has over four meters in diameter. According to experts, these “Alien” disc-shaped rocks contain tungsten, a high-density metal used in military technology. Tugnsten, aka “wolfram“ is remarkable for its robustness, especially the fact that it has the highest melting point of all the elements. Tungsten’s hardness and high density give it military applications in penetrating projectiles.

The group responsible for the discovery was Kosmopoisk, according to a Russian website, Kosmopoisk is a Russian UFO and cryptozoology research group that was performing excavations in the district of Zhirnovsky, Volgograd. While researchers have stumbled upon disc-shaped rocks in the past, this is the first time a disc-shaped rock with such proportions was unearthed.

“We had already found over a dozen of these discs, most of them had a diameter of around one meter, at Kuzbass we unearthed a disc-shaped object with a diameter of nearly two meters, but this new ‘giant’ disc shaped rock is unique and impressive,” said Vadim Chernobrov, who was in charge of the excavation.

Researchers In Russia Discover Over A Dozen Of Mysterious Disc-shaped Objects Containing ‘Tungsten”

The shape of the four-meter disc, which is extremely similar to modern-day interpretations of UFO’s has given UFO hunters and Ufologists a lot to talk about. Scott Waring, editor of believes that the discovery of this mysterious disc-shaped rock is the ultimate evidence of extraterrestrial visitations in the past, and that its composition is what makes it unique, since it is made of tungsten, which is used in military technology today.

Beyond speculations about the nature of the mysterious objects that have been unearthed, the newly found disk-shaped “UFO” has been transported to the Zhirnovsky museum, where scientists are studying it trying to find out its age and the exact composition of the material’s it is made from. However many people remains skeptical about the objects suggesting that these could be the result of natural erosion and are not the result of ‘alien beings’ visiting Earth in the distant past.

Earlier this year, another mysterious disc shaped object was discovered in Russia by a mining company near the city of Belovo located in the Kuznetsk Basin. The mysterious 1.2 meter disc was located a t depth of 40 meters suggesting that it could be very old. Archaeologists performed several tests and concluded that this perfectly circular 1.2 meter disc was something made by man in the distant past.

Is it possible that these mysterious objects are “monuments” created by ancient man? Representations of what they had seen in the past? Or is it possible as skeptics suggest, that these disk-shaped objects are the product of natural erosion?

By Ivan Petricevic, Ancient-Code


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