Nuclear False Flag in NYC Manhattan or Chicago on 2015 ?

Nuclear False Flag in NYC Manhattan or Chicago on 2015 ?

It seems that a false flag nuclear attack seem to be planned around September 23 2015, this information is ciphered in many media content, just like 9/11 was.

I highly suggest you to watch this video, it contains very clear signs pointing out to the date of September 23 2015 and referring to nuclear bomb, like for instance Obama saying in one of his speeches that he fears more about a nuclear bomb on NYC Manhattan than an attack from Russia or Iran. Or an episode of the cartoon American Dad in which 3 false flag are announced for 2015, and the 2 first of them have been fulfilled, and remains the nuclear bomb on Chicago.

Or a recent clip of Madonna, Ghost Town, in which the clip starts with a nuclear bomb on NYC with some very explicit signs, and even the lyrics of the song seem to connect this event to the coming of the great deceiver, Satan.

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