'Alien Warship' On NASA Feed Spotted 'Blasting Earth With Plasma'

It’s a scene straight out of really bad science fiction – an alien warship ‘decloaks’ above a helpless planet before unleashing plasma blasts onto the surface.

But the weird glowing object was captured by a Space Station camera – before NASA’s camera feed cut out.

Cue jarring chords.

'Alien Warship' On NASA Feed Spotted 'Blasting Earth With Plasma'

UFO enthusiast Scott Waring says: ‘ How much longer will NASA go on with this charade?’

Spotted by YouTuber StreetCap, the video then mysteriously ‘cuts out’ – evidence, Waring reckons, that the space agency is HIDING SOMETHING.

Waring says, ‘This looks like a craft in space and is partly cloaked. The sun at a certain angle and is causing a small part of the UFO to become visible.

‘This is a very cool catch by Streetcap1. NASA noticed it and went to blue screen.’


By Rob Waugh for



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