Scientists Discovered The World's Oldest Cheese That’s 2,000 Years Older Than Jesus

Have you ever thought of an ordinary thing that could surpass the test of time? Like it can survive decades, centuries or even a lifetime? Well, looks like here's the answer to our questions. A cheese was discovered by scientists and they have shockingly proven that the cheese they have discovered is almost 2,000 years older than Jesus Christ. That's a very strange yet interesting piece of cheese then, right?

Group of scientists have discovered the cheese that dates back to before Jesus was born. It was found buried in the remains of the ancient mummies in China. The cheese is now being dubbed as the oldest cheese in the world. Some cheese can be aged for five years, some cheeses for ten years only. But this one that we can trace its origin, dates back as far as 1615 BC, which makes it older than Jesus Christ's age.

According to Popular Science beliefs, the cheese has been proven to be vacuum-packed for centuries in the Taklamakan Desert. It is where dry air, salty earth and tightly-sealed burial conditions keeps the cheese from decaying. The discovery was made in the ’30s wherein the scientists have only just analyzed the proteins and fats in the clumps of the 3,600-year-old food. It was only by then its age was revealed and also, to clear out any speculations that it is just butter or milk.

A theory from the scientists emphasized that the discovered cheese was lactose-free, It was made with a mixture of bacteria and yeast which helped it to surpass the end of time.


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