Demon attack? Is This The Most Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Yet About Barack Obama?

Demon attack? Is This The Most Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Yet About Barack Obama?

In the pantheon of Barack Obama conspiracies, this one really takes the (long-form) birth certificate biscuit.

WND (formerly WorldNetDaily) has exclusively broken a story involving the 44th US president and a demon; namely that the latter has appeared in front of the former, thus meaning the former and the latter are deeply entwined.

The alleged meeting of “evil minds” occurred in a flash that most non-conspiracy theorists would not have registered when Mr Obama touched down in Nairobi, Kenya on July 24.

In the video, as the US president shakes hands and greets the welcoming party outside Air Force One, a "strange image" briefly "races" across the screen. This is sinister, the article notes, because the grey cloud is "seemingly directly in front of Obama".

WND says the "mysterious" video was brought to their attention by a "concerned" woman, who wrote in to say, "My husband and I were watching this and I told him I saw a demon run by. He didn’t believe until I rewound the video. Please take a look!"

Take a look for yourself - did a demon run in front of Barack Obama:

WND admits there are a "variety of explanations" but they did manage to get an unnamed video editor to divulge their expert point of view.

"It could just be some sort of glitch. However, there doesn't seem to be any logical reason as to why this glitch would appear as the rest of the video seems to be functioning fine. The image does look like some type of other-worldly being."

Of course, an exclusive WND "freeze frame analysis" did reveal that the grey blur that appeared in front of Mr Obama had "a head and shoulders." 
The author "jokingly" add that, "it could be someone who just obtained Obama's original birth certificate in Kenya."

For WND, regardless of the huge question marks around the footage, the possibility of Mr Obama being linked with demons is nothing new and pretty much obvious. They cite the fact that flies have been seen on Mr Obama's face, that he's been plagued by flying insects, that a vole was caught running across his podium, and that he looks incredibly similar to the character of Satan in "The Bible" TV series.

Such beliefs conform to a national poll by the Public Policy Polling organisation that found that one in five Republican voters believe that President Obama is the "antichrist."

Similar numbers also bizarrely think Donald Trump would make a good president. 
 By Kiran Moodley, The Independent


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