Social Experiment Shows How Scary It Is To Be Gay In Russia

Social Experiment Shows How Scary It Is To Be Gay In Russia

We are all aware that the recent proclamation allowing same-sex marriages in the United States and Ireland made huge waves not only in America/Ireland but also to the whole world as it gives hope to people who belong to the LGBT, groups/supporters of the third sex on getting their goal, which is equality.  But it is also evident that not all people from various countries are rejoicing with the current changes as debates and confrontations are massively rampant due to the current news.

And to shed light to how other people view gays in their society, a new Youtube social commentary video reveals the true extent of what it’s like to be gay in one of the countries that has a strong opinion about gays, Russia. Russian YouTube prank artists which goes by the name ChebuRussiaTV are not that commonly known for hard hitting political commentary but their latest effort featuring a hidden camera stunt did make a huge difference and impact as it magnified on the issues facing homosexuals in the said country as of today. The stunt is very simple to understand, two men will walk through Moscow holding hands to see how people react to them. The stunt is so simple that it is very surprising to see some shocking responses from the people of Russia. Homosexuality is not illegal in Russia but there is a law preventing the distribution of "LGBT propaganda."

There are such instances of passersby ignoring and merely does nothing about it, there are also noting instances where citizens got bothered by the guys’ display of public affection. Sometimes, the situation gets threatened to be violent. There are also remarks from some citizens that may appear bigoted and homophobic to some which terrified people who have seen the video.

Watch the Video here:


The social experiment gives us a reminder that despite of growing clamor for gender equality, there are still nations that's totally against it or let's just say, less open minded about it for now.



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