Salon Staff With No Clothes On Offer Haircuts 'To Drunken Customers'

Police in Russia have raided a hairdressing salon in Moscow, after female stylists offered haircuts while wearing no clothes.

For $80, patrons could enjoy the unusual haircut, and it was said to be so popular that customers were queueing down the street.

But the unusual venture's popularity was also its downfall – as drunken customers often tried to enter a nearby centre for autistic children after confusing the doors of the two very different establishments.

Ludmila Mihailova, the school's headmistress, said: 'We could not let the kids out into the playground any longer, there were so many drunken men around trying to get into the building'.

And an undercover police officer was shocked after he went undercover at the salon to investigate reports of drug dealing, and was offered an optional service for $160 where he could be with no clothes during the haircut too.

Regular client Sergey Voronov said: 'They do pedicures and manicures as well as the haircuts. The longer you end up sitting there the more you pay'.

But the salon's managers have refuted suggestions that what they were doing was prostitution – as the hairdressers do not have sex with the clients.

However, in the footage taken by the police officer he is given the option of booking more time with the girl that gave him the haircut – at a cost of $630.



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