Philippines Is Owned By A Single Family [VIDEO]

Philippines Is Owned By A Single Family [VIDEO]


The Tagean Tallano Story is simply Fantabulous. But there is some truth with the disinfo and twisted to confuse. One thing for sure, Philippines is indeed a very wealthy country pretending to be poor as the former first lady said.

In their story, there is no mention of Prince Balagtas of Majapahit but spoke of the Maragtas legend. No mention also of Sultan Nakhoda Ragam aka Haring Araw accdg to Nick Joaquin. And almost all the royalties from Luzon to Sulu were siblings in their story. The story was probably concocted by a triple agent named Ekker or by the Marcoses. The founder of Namayan was a grandson of Prince Balagtas named Lakantagkan. In their story Lacantagean was the father of Soliman and grandson of Lakandula. There must be some truth but became twisted. Many inconsistencies. Will further do research on this matter.

The Island in the advent of Spaniard, prominently known as Maharlika, its Lands ( under Spaniard renamed to HACHIENDA FILIPINA ) embracing the Islands of Luzon, Island of Palawan, Island of Visayas, and Island of Mindanao consisting of around 7, 169 miles, or 359880,045,966 hectares, more or less, of ocean, seas, rivers, lake, Islands and islets, mountains, forest, plain valleys, lands and volcanoes, seating on the Western rim of Pacific Ocean, North of the equator and about 700 kilometers from the Mainland it disperse over distance of 1,965 kilometers from North to South, bounded on the East by the Pacific Ocean, from West to East traversing from the center point of the mainland at a distance of 89,282,455 kilometers and likewise vice verse traversing from East to West at a distance of 89,282,455 kilometeres from the center point of the mainland on West by South China Sea,

on the North by the Bashi Channel and on the South by Celebes Sea and the Southern Borneo and formerly it covers the sea of Hawaii and Guam then under the leadership of a King David, who substantially own a precious treasures estimated to $ 500 Trillion U.S. Dollar, a nearest kin of King Marikudo, had a most systematic progressive government Kingdom in Asia and among the Kingdoms of the world administered then by King Luisong ( Tagean ) Tallano, the father of Raja LapuLapu and Raja Soliman, the successors of King Marikudo of Tri Visayas Empire.


Philippines is owned by a single Family?The True Story of the Tallano (TALA) Estate A complainant filed a civil case...
Posted by Library of Most Controversial Files on Tuesday, November 27, 2012



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