Man Grew Breasts Due To Hormones Found In Fried Chicken Meals

Who doesn't love eating fried chicken meals? No matter how young or old you are, you just can't simply resist the delicious taste of chicken meals that's served on the table, right? But what if your favorite fried chicken meal will actually cause you an unwanted change in your body? Just like what happened to the man who grew "breasts due to hormones found on his favorite fried chicken?

A 26-year-old man named Mr. Li, who admitted that he loves eating fried chicken meals has come forward to know about his body condition. He went for a professional advice after his chest began to get larger and larger as days go by. The man was shocked when his doctors told him that the root cause of his "expanding breasts" was the fried chicken that he loves to eat.

It was reported that he grew breasts due to hormones found in his beloved fried chicken. The doctors warned him that those hormones discovered in the chicken were the one to blame. The doctors also told him that his love for fast food was also behind the growth of his boobs. He was advised to eat more vegetables and fruits regularly.


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