Gigantic Grouper Caught In The Philippines

Gigantic Grouper Caught In The Philippines

The Philippines is known for its rich natural resources. And another proof to that notion is a recent news that involves the province of Antique located in the Philippines. A gigantic grouper known locally as Lapu Lapu was surprisingly caught by a group of fishermen. The photos showing how gigantic the grouper had been circulating over the social media sites and its too hard to believe how it got that big.

The photos were found from a Facebook user named JaNzz Oducado Sesiom.  Further details on how the grouper lived that long and where exactly it came from is still unknown. Based on the photos posted on social media sites, it is a no brainer that it came from the Philippines.

Some speculated that this might be another breed of monster fishes or it is part of animal mutation scheme gone wrong. This is not the only incident that a large grouper was seen. Another gigantic grouper incident did happened as well in Cape Coral, Florida,



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