EVIL DEVELOPER!!! Lancaster PROFRIENDS Philippines

EVIL DEVELOPER!!! Numerous Complainants Airs Grievances Against Profriends Philippines

  Numerous Complainants Airs Grievances Against Profriends Philippines

Getting your own house and lot is sure to be considered as a great aspiration in life. Nowadays, it is not easy to trust any corporation as there's a lot of alleged scams had been exposed through the other forms of media. Just like what happened to a lot of Filipinos who are now crying foul against Property Company of Friends, Inc or also known as Profriends.

The complainants are from all walks of life but a large chunk of its complainants are Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW’s since they have been lured by the company the promise of having their own dream house. The complainants are in unison on what they want to happen - FULL REFUND. They are demanding a refund of their money which was regularly paid to Profriends.

These people have undeniably invested their hard earned money in order to get their "promised" dream house but eventually it turned out to be a lie. The complainants got so enraged to the point that they aired their grievances all over the internet. You can see tons of video posts and status regarding the complaints against Profriends. According to sources, there's already a meeting between some of the complainants and the corporation regarding the refund. A local TV show even featured their case against Profriends recently.

 A former victim that was able to get a  full refund named Chris M Sales is one of the administrators of the Facebook group that helps people know more about Profriends' scheme. The group page has also become a place where people can vent their anger and air their complaints against Profriends. Lastly, an online petition to get more support on having Profriends give out the full refund to all of its displeased customers is now circulating in the internet.

Here are some of the video posts against Profriends


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