Cannibal Mom Tries To Eat Her Newborn Moments After Giving Birth

Cannibal Mom Tries To Eat Her Newborn Moments After Giving Birth

The essence of being a woman is to be able to bear and give birth to a child. Having babies is truly considered to be a blessing. But the mothers are putting themselves on danger as well since pregnancy is never easy and may be too delicate which means that it is important to not only take care and give attention to the baby inside the womb but also to the mother. One incident in Southern China proves how saddening it is to see a mother lose control of her sanity and even treat her newborn as a food offering for her.

In Southern China, A mother identified as Li Zhenghua, 24 years old was accused of an insane and horrendous act of attempting to eat her newborn. The mother was given a tag name of "Cannibal Mother" as she was found biting the arms of her innocent newborn inside the hospital. 
It was really shocking, the arm was badly damaged and suffered not only heavy bruising but bleeding as a result of the bite. Fortunately, doctors managed to insert something to stop her closing her teeth and then levered her jaws apart. After that they gave her a sedative and took the baby to a secure location.’ - Hospital Spokesperson

The mother of the newborn was trying to have her newborn as a meal. Luckily, The nurse from the hospital saw the cannibalism act and hurriedly stopped it. The Nurse named Liu Tuanlun witnessed how the mother locked her teeth on the newborn's arm. The nurse used her full energy just to stop the mother but the grip of the mother to her newborn is too strong. The nurse raised the alarm and it helped. The mother was sedated just to let go of her innocent newborn.

The mother was said to be experiencing major depression weeks/month prior her labor due to living in the streets despite her pregnant state. It was reported that she was evicted from her house by her mother in law even if she's in a very delicate and crucial state on her health and that may have resulted to her "cannibal" behavior. As of now, The hospital administration still tackles and needs to decide if they'll bring the newborn back to her mother.

Pregnancy is no joke. It is hard to keep a baby healthy inside your womb but we should never forget that the mother needs the medical, emotional and economical support to get through this stage gracefully. 


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