An Alcoholic Mother Is Caught Eating Her Two-Year-Old Daughter Alive

An alcoholic mother in India was caught slicing off and eating her two-year-old daughter alive.

Two-year-old Bharati Mondal was rescued by her uncle Dablu after he heard her cries and saw her mother eating flesh from her child in Gopalpur, West Bengal, on Wednesday.

Shocked to see his sister-in-law Pramila, 40, eating Bharati’s flesh, the man took away the toddler and rushed her to the hospital where she was placed at a critical care unit.

 Two-year-old Bharati Mondal was rescued by her uncle Dablu after he heard her screams in Gopalpur, India.

An Alcoholic Mother Is Caught Eating Her Two-Year-Old Daughter Alive

A mob attacked Pramila Mondal, giving her a black eye and thick lip. Villagers were angry after hearing how she sliced the top of her daughter Bharati’s head and ate it.

Dablu Mondal said:
It was around noon and I was resting at home when I heard loud cries of Bharati. I ran to check on her but there the scene I saw was beyond shocking.
Bharati was bleeding profusely as Pramila was eating the flesh of her head. I immediately snatched away Bharati from Pramila and rushed her to Malda Medical College and Hospital where she is admitted to ICU.

As locals learned of the gruesome attack, many gathered in front of Pramila’s house, dragged her out and tied her up, before beating her.

The girl’s mother Pramila was attacked by a mob after they heard she had been eating her own child’s flesh.

Young Bharati Mondal was rescued by her uncle and taken to the hospital where she was treated for her unusual injuries.

A mother-of-three and an alcoholic, Pramila confessed her crime to the mob but could not explain her actions.
Her life was saved when her sister-in-law Mamta Mandal called the police who dispersed Pramila’s attackers.
Speaking of the incident, police inspector Kishna Das explained what Dablu Mondal found when he arrived at the scene and what followed:
He then saw Pramila eating the flesh of Bharati’s head. Soon villagers learnt about the incident and reached Pramila’s house and started beating her in anger.
We rescued the woman and sent her to hospital.
Two-year-old Bharati was rescued by her uncle after he heard her screams. He was horrified to find the girl’s mother slicing off part of her scalp and eating it.

The toddler is currently being cared for at a local hospital, but she will soon be sent to a better-equipped one in Kolkata.

Bharati’s father Habu Mondal went to the capital Delhi to work as a laborer a year ago and has not returned since. The family have two other children, daughter Parbati, eight, and son Swarna, two.

Pramila is expected to be charged and appear in court soon.

Pramila is set to appear in court in Gopalpur after being accused of eating the flesh of her own daughter.



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