The Lost Commandments Of Jesus Have Been Found

The Lost Commandments Of Jesus Have Been Found

Finally the lost commandments of Jesus have been found. David Vose’s video description reads: For two thousand years we have been going by the Letters of Paul to understand Jesus and his Message. The world turned those writings into a NEW law. The irony of this is, that the Church had lost the Actual Meaning of the New Covenant and were attempting to mix Pagan Religious teaching with the Letters of Paul, to create a New Religion.

While they proclaimed that they were not under the Mosaic Law, and were now SAVED, they, in actuallity had created a NEW set of LAWS, and had written creeds, which they now demanded all should follow, or they would again be damned.. Jesus came to set us free, by giving us a NEW Covenant which coud actually set us free. Yet the Church enslaved us back again to A NEW, Man made, set of laws.


Finally in the Lats Days, a group of people came along and saw this problem and realized that the Churches had set up a New Law code, and that this was UNscripural. So these people said, “we will go back to the Original LAW of Moses.” We must keep the Laws, this must be salvation. And the circle was closed.



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