NASA Images Show Extraterrestrial Cities On The Surface Of Ceres?

Some ufologists have jumped to conclusion stating that the white spots that have puzzled researchers ever since their discovery on Ceres are actually extraterrestrial cities.

From the moment the two bright spots were discovered on the surface of Ceres by NASA’s Dawn NASA space craft, scientists and astronomers from around the world were left fascinated, and no one has been able to answer the “million dollar question” What are they and why are they there?

So far NASA has offered no official explanation, although some astronomers believe that the mysterious bright spots could be ice at the bottom of a crater that act as a reflective surface, while others think it could be volcanic activity the dwarf planet.

NASA Images Show Extraterrestrial Cities On The Surface Of Ceres?

These theories haven’t convinced ufologists who believe that the dwarf planet hides many secrets that NASA aren’t disclosing.

People from all around the world have questioned the origin and nature of the bright spots, and given the fact that there are so many unanswered questions, NASA had to create a website for people to comment on the nature of the bright spots.

The most recent images taken by the Dawn space craft seem to show that the mysterious bright lights originate from some sort of cities or bases of unknown origin according to ufologists.
Despite the newest images taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft of the “lights” inside the crater, scientists continue without any logical explanation for the mysterious phenomenon. So far they believe that the lights are seen because of “highly reflective material on the surface” of the dwarf planet, but highly reflective material could mean a lot of things.

‘Everything we learn from Ceres will be absolutely new,’ said Christopher Russell, a UCLA professor of space physics and planetary science, and the Dawn mission’s principal investigator. ‘We approach it in awe and almost total ignorance.’

“The bright spots in this configuration make Ceres unique from anything we’ve seen before in the solar system. The science team is working to understand their source,” added Russell.

Despite the fact that NASA has tried explaining the mysterious bright spots on the Dwarf planet suggesting that they are “ice” or “glittering salt theory”, space enthusiasts aren’t buying the glittering salt theory. The space agency has even created a tool for people to vote for one of six different explanations for the lights: volcano, geyser, rock, ice, salt or “other”. So far the explanation tagged as “other” seems to be winning suggesting an extraterrestrial origin to the mysterious spots.

The story about the dwarf planet seems to get even stranger as some ufologists have located “UFO’s” on the surface of the planet. In one of the images provided by the Dawn spacecraft the shadow of a massive object is visible on the surface of Ceres, ufologists suggest that this could very well be an “alien mothership”.

Given the fact that no official explanation has been given, these mysterious bright spots could be anything. Astronomers and ufologists are eagerly waiting for high quality images of the surface that will help uncover the mysteries of this dwarf planet.

By Ivan Petricevic, Ancient-Code


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