Mum Photographs Flying 'Tinkerbell' In Her Garden

Mum Photographs Flying 'Tinkerbell' In Her Garden

Mystery: Can you spot the 'fairy'?

This spellbinding picture shows a fairy caught on camera for the first time, according to the mum who took the image.

Lisa Wildgoose took her camera out to a nearby forest and was snapping away at flowers when she captured the incredible sight.

It was only when she returned home and uploaded the pictures to her computer that she spotted the mysterious flying figure.

Amazing: The 'fairy' captured on camera

A tiny winged figure can clearly be seen hovering near a drooping bluebell, and she claims when enlarged, it looks like blonde hair and little trousers are visible.

Lisa, 42, from Northampton, said: "As a little girl I grew up believing in fairies and Tinkerbell is my favourite film so I would love it be a real-life fairy.

"I don't know if Tinkerbell would really wear trousers but with the blonde hair and shiny shoes it's too much of a coincidence!"

 Hovering: The tiny creature can be seen flying

Lisa had been out in Bluebell Woods doing a shoot for a family the day before and decided to return to do her own shoot the next day after seeing how beautiful the woods were.

It was later that evening when she was going through the pictures that she spotted the creature in the picture - and immediately called her girls down to have a look.

Mia and Madison, both five, took one look at the picture and said 'that's not a fly Mum, that's a fairy!'.

 Zoom: A blown up version shows the mystery human-like creature

Lisa, who launched her own photography company Wildgoose Photograhics last September, said: "I was really shocked and freaked out at first. I thought it was probably just a fly, which it might well be, but when the girls saw it, there was no doubt in their mind.

"They don't have to try and convince me. In their mind their mum has always believed in fairies.

"They have often asked me if I believe and I always tell them I do - I suppose it's just the little girl in me that would love it to be true!

"People have said it's just a mosquito or a midge - and they are probably right - but I just think it's too much of a coincidence that it is wearing what looks like trousers and shoes."

 Happy snapper: Lisa Wildgoose and her two children

Friends and family have already expressed their amazement at the picture.

Lisa said: "All the mums at the school have said it is a fairy - I think everyone just likes to believe in that bit of magic that reminds them of being a child.

"It certainly made my day capturing the image."

Lisa previously worked as a professional motor sport photographer at Silverstone but took a break for a few years to work as a hairdresser.

She bought her DSLR camera in 2013 and after having success photographing gardens and portraits, she launched Wildgoose Photographics to specialise in this field.



By David Raven , David Kean, MIRROR.CO.UK 


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