If You Don’t Believe In Ghosts, You Might Want To Check Out These 17 Freaky Pictures

Halloween is long since over, but that doesn’t stop paranormal activity from happening. There are people from all over the world that have reported sightings of ghosts or some type of spirit. There are popular TV shows now that investigate suspicious activities or haunted locations. And some places even do ghost tours that take you on a creepy ride to some of the most haunted places in your area.

But with all of the popularity related to paranormal activity, do you believe in ghosts or spirits? Maybe you are on the fence about it or have never experienced a ghost sighting. Either way, the following ghost pictures will give you a little bit more evidence to the idea that there are plenty of spirits on this Earth with us. We will let you decide if they are real or fake.

1. This is the ghost of Freddy Jackson. He died just a few days before this picture was taken. 

2. Do you see the shadow of a ghost?

3. Wait for it …

4. This is said to be the ghost of the lighthouse keeper’s daughter

5. Someone wanted to join the family party

6. A game trail camera catching what appears to be a young girl running in the night


7. I don’t think I would want to go into that house

8. It’s a ghost photo bomb 

9. This is just creepy

10. A spirit blocking the stairway

11. This is the ghost of a Gettysburg officer

12. A ghost just taking it easy

13. Do you see her lurking in the background?

14. A ghost that hangs out in the closed restaurant

15. A young girl ghost that hangs out in the school

16. This cemetery might be haunted

17. See her in the elevator?

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