No One Can Explain What These 10 Security Cameras Captured. Is It Proof Of Ghosts?

No One Can Explain What These 10 Security Cameras Captured. Is It Proof Of Ghosts?

Home security systems are cheaper and more effective than they've ever been. This explains why they're becoming increasingly more common in our neighborhoods. Sure, the goal of buying yourself a security system is to catch criminals. However, since they're always running, security cameras are also great for capturing alleged paranormal activity.

It's quite possible that these "ghost sightings" are just the result of technical problems, or possible tampering on the part of the owners. Still, we searched around and found the ten best examples of supposed ghosts caught by security cameras. Check them out below and decide for yourself.

1. This English ghost has a hankering for tea.


2. Why are those blankets falling off the shelves?

3. Watch the shadows on the floor.


4. This pawn shop ghost clearly does not like how the stock room is arranged.

5. An unexpected visitor at work. 


6. This is a weird one.


7. Looks like a floating head. Not what you want to see on your apartment security camera.

Before Its News

8. It's a little more than a haunted dust mote.


9. The infamous Disneyland ghost.


10. An outline of something truly scary caught on camera at a hospital.

By Mike Cahill, ViralNova


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