Bizarre Disney UFO Movie Pulled Quickly From Public View in 1995

Bizarre Disney UFO Movie Pulled Quickly From Public View in 1995

Thanks heaps! I’m getting into the whole UFO/aliens phenomenon as I think it’s interesting and raises major issues with well just about everything. I am finally deciding to admit a UFO sighting over Australia near my house.

Whether or not people agree or disagree is purely up to them and I have no issues with that. When I was 11 yrs old (back in 2001) my dad and I saw something that literally looked like a star wars blockade runner. I kid you not!

It had four circular engines lined up in a row and three rows of four engines lined up above one another. It gave off a massive bluish – yellowish bright light like I had never seen before. It was a very quiet craft and made virtually no noise. I remember vividly that my dad asked me what do you think that is? I said that it could be a rocket or possibly a black project but I’m unsure. It’s too quiet to be any known tech.

By the time I made this statement it disappeared after appearing near my house after about a minute of flight in which it was cruising slowly. It pitched upward and accelerated into the sky to about Mach 25 plus.

As it left a strange energy entered my house and the phones were automatically disconnected for two or so minutes before being re-connected again. It was among one of the strangest things that I have seen.




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