15 Haunted Places In Kentucky That Will Give You Nightmares Tonight

We all heard scary stories growing up, causing most of us to fear things that went bump in the night. However, in many cases, these frightening tales were just stories. Usually, our elders usually didn’t want to tell us about “real” ghosts, else we’d never sleep in our own beds.

Some may not believe in spirits that still walk the earth. However, some of these Kentucky places have chalked up some pretty in-disputable proof. These 15 destinations have had so many ghost sightings that it is difficult to ignore the creepy possibilities:

15. Bob Mackey’s Music World has been featured on the television series, “Ghost Adventures”, and is possibly the most haunted bar in the country. The hole in the floor is said to be a “portal to Hell. 

14. The Ditto House Inn located in West Point, was both a headquarters and a hospital for wounded soldiers during the civil war. The spirits of those soldiers are said to wander the home to this day. 

13. The Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville is the largest Victorian era cemetery still in good repair. Established in 1848, it holds both Union and Confederate soldiers on its property. Strange lights, cold winds and whispers are heard during the night on the property. 

12. People that fade in and out, along with glowing objects and eyes have been seen in Lick Creek Cemetery. 

11. Maple Hill Manor was built in 1851 by slaves, but is now a bed and breakfast. Visitors and residents claim unexplained footsteps and door knocks occur nightly. It is said to be haunted by both soldiers and the original owners. 

10. Two women and a black cat roam the Loudon House. There are often floral scents hanging in the air, and cold spots no where near an air duct. 


9. Sherman’s Tavern was built in 1812, and was a favored hangout of Native American’s, Cattlemen, and soldiers. Local residents swear that soldiers and some of the other visitors still come in for a drink. 

8. The Old Greensburg Courthouse was built in 1802 and used until 1931. The old barristers, lawmen and criminals still whisper down the corridors, and footsteps can be heard when no one is walking. 

7. The Pope Lick monster, aka Goat man has been luring people into his cloven clutches since as long as residents can remember. He is said to mimic children to lure his victims to their death or disappearance. 

6. Originally built in 1903, The Seelbach Hilton is one of Louisville’s most luxurious hotels. It is also one of the most haunted. Guests and employees often find televisions turning on and blaring out at 4 am. Footsteps can also be heard running across wooden floors, when no one is there. 

5. The Louisville Palace Theater began as the Lowes Theatre in 1928. Theater goers, actors and staff often see a faceless women, from the 40s, a man from the 30s, and heard a child giggling by one of the powder rooms. A projector worker had a heart attack on the job and never quite clocked out. 

4. Around 4000 years ago, the Mammoth Cave system was home to natives, who buried their dead there. Since, the caves have been used as a Turburculosis colony, where many patients died and a hide out for fleeing slaves. Visitors to these caves often see unexplained lights, orbs and misty shapes. Many images taken here contain orbs, many think to be spirits.

3. Camp Zachary Taylor is now a neighborhood, but in 1917, it began as a military camp for soldier training. Due to Tuberculosis, Malaria and other deadly outbreaks, it soon became a place for dead and dying soldiers to spend their days. The bodies were said to be stacked floor to ceiling high. Residents today often see these soldiers wandering down streets and across their yards, in groups of as many as 6. A women in a blonde women in a Blue Victorian dress is also said to wander, giving any who see her an icy glare. 

2. Old Louisville was built in the 1870s, and was a thriving Victorian suburb of ladies, gentlemen, smugglers and sickness. During the Tuberculosis epidemic, many died and homes were burnt to prevent the spread. These are brave ghosts that come out both day and night. Police have been called for break ins where residents watched individuals in Victorian era clothing enter their homes on more then one occasion. Of course, burglary charges are never filed, as the police never find any trespassers. 

1. Waverly Hills Sanitarium was opened in 1910 to house the victims of the Tuberculosis epidemic. The building has housed over 63,000 deaths, including patients, doctors, nurses and staff. Some died of the disease, others committed suicide. There were so many deaths they took the dead out through a tunnel deemed “The Death Tunnel”, which a low budget film was written about. Ghosts seem to wander every inch of this building and grounds. Waverly has been the focus on several different television specials and ghost hunter series over the years. Creepy is putting it mildly, as the death toll here is compatible with a battlefield. 



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