13 Times That Baby Monitors Captured Something Really Creepy

13 Times That Baby Monitors Captured Something Really Creepy

Keeping tabs on your children is easier than ever for new parents these days. It used to be that the only way to check up on your sleeping baby was to physically walk into their room. This, of course, ran the risk of waking them up and ruining your well-deserved night of sleep.

Now you can easily purchase a state-of-the-art video baby monitor that connects to your smartphone. The scary thing is that these devices, like many other forms of new technology, are prone to catching creepiness in action. That's especially true when the lights are out...

1. How did he get out of his crib?

2. This kid is an only child, but by the looks of it, he's not alone here...

3. How did the baby get flipped around like that?

4. "I know you're watching me, so I'm watching you right back."

5. Can you spot the ghostly face?

6. Demon eyes.

7. This may look like a demon scaling a baby's crib, but luckily it's just a cat. For now, anyway...

8. There's something lurking in the darkness.

9. Nope. Nope. Nope.

10. This baby looks like pure evil.

11. Who left the closet door open?

12. When horror movies meet real life, this is what happens.

13. "I see you."

By Mike Cahill, Viral Nova


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