This 90'S Children's Book Warned Families Against Something Horribly Bizarre

This 90'S Children's Book Warned Families Against Something Horribly Bizarre

You might not remember this, but during the late '80s and early '90s, there was a nationwide panic that daycare providers were turning our children into slaves for the dark lord. The panic over satanic ritual abuse, otherwise known as SRA, accused daycare workers of everything from religious brainwashing to ritualized rape. There were even reports of human sacrifice.

The panic proved to be little more than a '90s witch hunt, ruining the lives not only of the teachers, but also the supposed victims, who were more or less tricked by their therapists into misremembering terrible acts that never actually happened.

Check out this book written in 1990 by children's author Doris Sanford, which was intended to teach kids the signs of SRA. It's essentially brainwashing disguised as a combatant against brainwashing. Next level creepy stuff right here.

"Magic juice" probably refers to drugs. How a preschool teacher could afford a class-sized quantity of LSD on such a meager salary is beyond me, but I guess this was the fear.

Married to the devil, that is. Marriage is a sacred vow even for Satanists, apparently.

That sweater is probably the scariest thing about this book.

Well that escalated quickly...

Wait, is one of the tenants of Satanism pooping on the floor? I don't understand.

The writing is a bit overwrought at times.

Even Sparky is feeling the effects of Satan's influence.

By Tim Unkenholz, VIRALNOVA



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