A Video May Prove Paul Walker Was Killed By A Drone Strike!

I took a break and went and saw Paul Walker’s last movie he was making before he died, “Fast and Furious 7″ It was one heck of a movie and I highly recommend it by the way but it’s not the subject of this article. I really liked Paul Walker. If there was even a small chance of foul play being involved in his death then I think it must be discussed and investigated. It’s never disrespectful to question the official story when it comes from known liars after all. I did this story so others could see the video that appears to show a missile hitting his car. I had never seen this until this past weekend when I just happened to see it in a Facebook post!

Did a missile fired from a drone Kill Paul Walker?

Here’s the video that seems to show two frames of drone missile hitting the car! When the henchman of the “Tip of the Spear” guy came out and said this video was “debunked” and the object was a “light pole” I KNEW he was full of it! After all, the henchman works for the Illuminati gatekeeper also tied to planners of 9/11 who has run away from the truth on 9/11! Look at this video and you decide! Does this look like a light pole! I think not! Why did the henchman lie?

Two frames of the above video that appears to show a missile tracking to where the car explodes!

Paul Walker was one of my favorite actors

There was just something about him that seemed different from the other actors. Paul Walker was a Christian and helped others with his money. Paul’s giving nature and great attitude are probably what I liked most about him. He was one of those guys that you just knew would be fun to talk with over a beer or three.

Here’s one of Paul Walker’s quotes.

“I’m a Christian now. The things that drove me crazy growing up was how everyone works at fault-finding with different religions. The people I don’t understand are atheists. I go surfing and snow boarding and I’m always around nature. I look at everything and think, ‘Who couldn’t believe there’s a God? Is all this a mistake?’ It just blows me away”

I have heard others talk about the possibility that Paul’s car was hit by a drone and I’ve seen several articles about it on BIN but I did not see the incredible footage above in any of them. I felt compelled to dig into this a bit further when I saw this footage over the weekend and then saw the Illuminati gatekeepers lamely say it was “debunked”!

I always felt something was not right about how the car Paul was riding in burned so quickly so I dug around and looked at many other crashes of the exact same car and even found a video of many of them that I have included in this article. None of them showed the massive fire damage shown in this wreck. In fact only one of them out of dozens I looked as if it might have burned at all! It’s just not normal for cars to immediately burst into roaring fireballs when they crash. In fact I would say this pretty much never happens. They might burn to a crisp sometime later but it’s usually because a small fire starts and eventually engulfs the car because nobody is around to put out the small fire.

I also remember when it happened people were saying the driver wasn’t very good but Roger Rodas was actually a professional driver. Looking at where this crash happened, I just don’t think they would be speeding at over a hundred miles an hour there by choice. They were actually driving away from a race track into a congested area! If they wanted to go real fast they could have gone as fast as they wanted on the track they just left!

Now I can’t prove it was a drone strike and that’s why I have the question mark in the title but I can find no other explanation for what you see in the video above! The rumor was that Paul Walker had come across some very damaging information to the elite power structure involving birth control being put in the food aid. I don’t know if this correct either but it sounds like something these scumbags would certainly do! What I do know is that this crash seems very fishy just like the Michael Hastings crash.

When it happened my first thought was the bad guys might have used the old “Boston Brakes” routine talked about on Veterans Today where they take electronically take control of your car, floor the accelerator and disable your brakes! Michael Hastings was in fact a careful driver according to his friends but we saw traffic cam footage of his car speeding through a city at what seems to be over a hundred miles an hour! That makes no sense unless they took control of his car.

What if Paul Walker really did come across some dangerous information and they wanted to kill him. Would they chance Paul or somebody else being able to successfully stop the car safely from a “Boston Brakes” hack or would they hedge their bets? Would they make sure that nobody would get out of these hacked cars alive? If you really wanted to kill somebody and make sure it gets done would you do the “Boston Brakes” take over of the car and hit it with a drone using a very small missile just big enough to destroy the car. Israel hits cars all the time with small missiles. They have hit people driving in the middle of traffic and only destroyed the target vehicle.

Using a drone fired missile could be risky but if it can lock on to the cell phone signal inside the car it might not be as risky as we think. It might even be able to follow the car if it takes sharp corners. The second way this could be done is a special bomb placed under the seats designed just strong enough to knock out the occupants and then spray burning gel all over the car to make sure nobody gets out alive and all evidence is burned up. Michael Hastings had expressed fear for his life before his death. It’s not too hard go get access to vehicles and plant bombs to make sure that the “Boston Brakes” technique does not fail to kill the target.

The news media is totally controlled and fake so you don’t have to worry about them figuring it out or even asking questions of any kind. They will always push the official fairy tale like when they told us 19 hijackers did 9/11 and made NORAD stand down and turn off all the cameras at the Pentagon!

Here’s a picture of Michael Hastings car on fire immediately after the crash. This was a brand new Mercedes with numerous safety features that would prevent the car from burning this quickly. In fact Mercedes basically said that their cars don’t do this! In fact, this car was on fire before it even stopped and I believe the same thing happened with the car Paul Walker was in.

What are odds that both Paul Walker’s car and Michael Hastings cars both are fully engulfed by flames and nobody gets out alive? In by book the odds of this happening are essentially zero. Hasting’s Mercedes is specifically over engineered for safety in fact. It’s probably one of safest cars on the planet!

Porsche Carrera GT Crashes That Don’t Burst Into Fireballs!

Look at the cars in this video and then you’ll see that the Paul Walker Crash looks completely different! Keep in mind that the driver was a professional driver also and knew how to drive this vehicle. I only saw one vehicle where it looks like there might have been a little fire in the engine area. Witnesses were on the scene in SECONDS but could not pull out anybody from the fire! Does that make any sense? This is what happened with Michael Hastings also, witnesses were on the scene in seconds and the Mercedes was engulfed in a fireball!


Posted by Glenn Canady , Project N Research


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