Water Reads Your Mind, Does That Mean Water Is Alive?

If you have seen “What the BLEEP Do We Know,” you may remember the scene when the main character is rushing to work and misses the train because of dropping her bottle of antidepressants in an act of anxiety. Frustrated, she crushes one of the tablets with her boot and solemnly walks over to a group of people. They are all listening to a presenter describe a photographic exhibit of beautiful water crystals by Dr. Masuro Emoto.

(Sadly, Emoto passed away on Oct. 17, 2014, at the age of 71. Best wishes to his family, and thank you, Dr. Emoto, for your work).

Some have objected to Emoto’s results, saying they have not been replicated or have only been replicated with partial success. In experiments related to human intention, however, many researchers have pointed out that the intention of the scientists conducting the experiments may also have an effect. If the results of Emoto’s experiments truly show how our thoughts affect water, the implications are amazing!

Because we humans are made 75-90 percent of water, according to Dr. Emoto’s experiments, we can transform ourselves with our thoughts. Better yet, we can transform others with our thoughts.

When we think, our thoughts are essentially changing the world around us. It’s a lot like how the moon is reflected on perfectly still bodies of water.

The great part is not only can we see how we effect others, but we can feel it. 

When you are at a dinner with your family, you feel loved—but say you’re in New York City during rush hour, you likely feel disturbing or hateful things. That could be because at the most fundamental level, the water in your body is reacting to the emotional energy/thoughts around you.

So what happens when you take charge of your own thoughts?

That’s up to you to decide.

As Neo said to the architect, “Choice. The problem is choice.”

Amazingly enough, the architect said that right back!

Lets see what you think…



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