Video of “Mysterious Fireballs” In The Sky Above Michigan Goes Viral

Video of “Mysterious Fireballs” In The Sky Above Michigan Goes Viral

A video posted to YouTube last September shows strange fireballs raining down from the sky over the city of Davison, Michigan. The video has received over 135,000 views since it was posted and many people have weighed in on what they think it is. From the poster:

“I was NOT around any body of water during recording. I did NOT hear ANY plane/ jet or explosion. I did NOT see any plane/jet or object . Even with binoculars in which we where ALSO using. No object was observed . This is exactly what we saw.”

Viewers suggest that it could be a variety of things, from a UFO breaking up and crashing into the Earth, a series of meteors, or that some chickens flew too high and passed out due to lack of oxygen. Not too sure about that last one…

Check out the video and decide for yourself: 

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