The Four Mythological Symbols of China

It is fascinating to know or even study ancient civilizations, cultures and mythologies. One of the most studied mythologies from the world would be China. In this article, we will explore the world of China's four mythological symbols.

It is traced back in ancient Chinese astronomy that the sky ecliptic was divided into four sections. Each of the four sections contains seven mansions which forms 28 Mansions. If they bring it all together. The 28 Mansions may be considered to be zodiacal constellations in Western astronomy's counterpart. Each section of the sky is assigned to a mythological creature, collectively known as the Four Symbols. These creatures are the [b]Azure Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Black Tortoise of the North, and the Vermillion Bird of the South.[/b]

The Azure Dragon is the mythological creature in the East, the seven mansions on his sections are named Horn, Neck, Root, Room, Heart, Tail, and Winnowing Basket. When they are joined up, they form the shape of a dragon. The Azure Dragon corresponds to the season of spring. As the dragon is considered by the Chinese as the noblest of animals, it is the head of the Four Symbols, its element is wood. Azure dragon manifests characteristics such as benevolent, and bringers of wealth and good fortune.

The mythological creature in the West is the White Tiger , its seven mansions are the Legs, Bond, Stomach, Hairy Head, Net, Turtle Beak and Three Stars. The White Tiger holds the season of autumn. The White Tiger’s element is metal, and it was regarded as the God of War.

The mythological creature Black Tortoise holds the North region, its seven mansions are named Dipper, Ox, Girl, Emptiness, Rooftop, Encampment and Wall. The Black Tortoise corresponds to the season of winter. The element of the Black Tortoise is water, and this mythological creature is commonly associated with longevity and wisdom.

The mythological creature in the South is the Vermillion Bird , its seven mansions are the Well, Ghosts, Willow, Star, Extended Net, Wings and Chariot. The Vermillion Bird represents the season of summer. The Vermillion Bird has been considered to resemble the phoenix. FIRE is the element of the Vermillion Bird. It is also the symbol of good luck.     


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