The 120 Million Old Dashka Stone

Do you know what a Dashka stone is? The Dashka stone or also known as the Map of the Creator is a stone tablet of unknown origin. It was discovered in the village of Chandra in Bashkortostan, Russian Federation. The stone is around 120 million years old. Bashkir State University researchers have studied the Dashka stone which exhibits a highly detailed map of a specific area of the Ural Mountains, Bashkiria, the ancient map is done on a scale 1 : 1.1 km.

According to recent studies, it is made up of three levels. The stone slab was made artificially and did not originate in nature alone. According to studies performed, the Dahska Stone or stone of the creator has the following characteristics:

●The first layer of the Dashka stone consists of 18 centimeters of cement or ceramic based on dolomite.
●The second layer is “made” of diopside glass; It is made approximately of one inch, enriched with silicon.
●The third porcelain layer has several millimeters.

According to another research, scientists were able to trace back the Dashka stone with the help of a pair of ancient shells. Before finding the shells, they believed the Dashka stone to be around 3000 years old. When the shells were discovered is where the story gets interesting. The age of one of the shells is believed to be 500 million years old. The second shell is believed to be 120 million years old.

The Dashka slab was already found in 1999. The stone slab weighs just over one ton and has several interesting inscriptions that were believed to be of ancient Chinese origin, but scientists later stated that it is not Chinese. It is a hieroglyphic writing system of unknown origin.


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