Prophets, Prophecies and Aliens

What were the prophets of the ancient world? Were they real “messengers” from God? Did they obtain their knowledge of what was going to happen from heaven? Or is it possible that there is another explanation to these mysterious and unexplained happenings.

Gebel Khashm el-Tarif. It is in Egypt where this mountain rises from the Sinai desert and it is precisely this location believed to be the site of two of history’s most important and divine encounters. It is here where the biblical patriarch Moses encountered the “burning bush” and is also the place where Moses later on received the Ten Commandments from God.

Are history’s prophets and prophecies connected to Alien beings?

What we have never asked ourself is how did these divine encounters actually occur? Is it logical for someone to receive a message from a burning bush? today we know that burning bushes are just… well burning bushes. Was Moses a random individual or did he have something that made him stand out from the rest? Why did he receive the Ten commandments from God? Was he chosen randomly to deliver the word of God? Or did he posses some kind of ability to communicate with “beings” not from Earth?

Moses is just one example of a human being that was guided by “divine creatures”, who helped achieve various goals. But this is not unique to Moses, all over our history are written encounters with, Angels, Gods and visitation from otherworldly creatures, that could somehow “see” into the future and help or punish mankind.

The Hebrew and Christian Testaments also feature similar accounts of numerous other prophets, including Elijah, Isaiah, Noah, Abraham, Enoch and Jesus.

All of these prophets had mayor influence in ancient societies, they could have been considered as “intermediary’s” between humans and the “divine”. They were the carriers of the will and word of the gods.

 These prophets were not carrying just the “word” of god, the divine presence could be felt in these messages so when the society hears these “messengers”, they are actually encountering the presence of God, and thus the “message” carries a certain weight.

These messengers where the ones who could communicate the will of “God”, when they said our God is unsatisfied and we need to do “this” and “that” to please God, society would go ahead and do this.

Today, in the modern day, we are beginning to question many things, we can look at it from a religious perspective but also from a logical and scientific perspective. Is it possible that these encounters where not so “divine”? Is there a possibility that all of these prophets had in fact encounters with extraterrestrial entities? with nonhuman intelligence? The answer is YES.

Throughout history the prophecies and prophets are evidence that there are “higher” beings that instruct societies all around the world, helping create the civilization we know today, there are beings that warn mankind of catastrophes and that know what is going to happen.

Today as advanced as society and mankind are, we need to ask the question, is it possible that extraterrestrial beings came in contact with ancient Prophets and guided them?

The Burning Bush

Looking at the Book of Exodus, Moses and the encounter with God is described in the third chapter.

Moses encounters a burning bush and God spoke to Moses from this burning bush, Moses was given a mission from God which was to liberate the Hebrews indentured in Egypt. Today we know that “burning bushes” do not talk, and with the understanding humans have today in Science, Technology and Religion, everyone will agree that a “burning bush” is just that, a burning bush.

Moses did not have the knowledge that mankind has today so with the best of his knowledge, Moses described his encounter the best way he knew, but is it possible that this “burning bush” was a technological creation from extraterrestrial origin? Some sort of “unmanned” sphere?

Some scholars and researchers believe that it is in Tell El-Dab’a in the northeastern region of the Nile Delta where the Israelites began their exodus, and where Moses had his second divine encounter with an amazing object in the sky.

In Exodus, Chapter 13, verses 21 and 22, it says, “The Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud… and by night in a pillar of fire.” “…the pillar did not depart from before the people…” which means that this object was always present. In history when God comes down from heaven or when divine creatures, Angels and other messengers from God come to Earth, they do it in a dramatic way, with fire and smoke present, the ground trembles like an earthquake, so we ask, is this God? To us it sounds like a description of some sort of spacecraft. Did God accompany them or was it some kind of beacon or craft?

The Hebrew people followed this object, and it is clear that each time this object “lands” they would stop and camp, when the object ascended again they would break camp and resume and follow it. This object was leading the people.

The pillar was cylindrical in shape, of solid material, this makes it a perfect description of the UFO reports we have today all over the world, where these objects float in the sky, stop, than resume again until they disappear in the sky.

Is it possible that ancient mankind described a UFO encounter? With their knowledge at that time, they could have easily confused a “gleaming UFO” as a bright cloud, they could have described a brightly lit UFO at night as a fiery pillar, because they did not know about that type of technology and to them that was divine.

Moses’ final divine encounter on the summit of Mount Sinai

Moses receives a message from God that he is going to land on Mount Sinai. A huge bright glowing cloud lands on Mount Sinai, the landing of this “cloud” is accompanied with fire and smoke.

According to the biblical account of the law-giving, Sinai was enveloped in a cloud, it quaked and was filled with smoke, while lightning-flashes shot forth, and the roar of thunder mingled with the blasts of a trumpet; the account later adds that fire was seen burning at the summit of the mountain. Several scholars have indicated that it seems to suggest that Sinai was a volcano, although there is no mention of ash although not all volcano’s generate ash.
Moses is “privileged” to approach this cloud and even enter it. Inside, he communes with God… creator of the universe… and after 40 days he returns, carrying the Ten Commandments. Now the story of Moses going inside this “cloud” and staying for forty days sounds very much like the contactee experience today, where contactees are given indications, rules or ideas. It is possible that Moses encountered, not God, but Extraterrestrial entities that wanted to “elevate” the human race?

Prophet Elijah

In the ninth century BC, prophet Elijah had several encounters with God and Angels. He was given prophetic warnings of drought and cataclysm. It is Elijah who was able to predict the drought that devastated Israel and caused starvation.

In Elijah’s final encounter with God, written in the Second Book of Kings, the prophet “goes up by a whirlwind” into Heaven by what’s described in the Hebrew Bible as a fiery horse-drawn chariot. Elijah tells of a spinning object with something that was described as a “beam” that takes him into the “Heavens” . For the faithful, this extraordinary event is believed to be a religious miracle.

Today we can easily place this encounter with “God” as a UFO encounter. We can compare the experience Elijah describes and connect it easily to the description of today’s rockets and Space Ships. What we have here is a description of a Extraterrestrial encounter, Elijah meets these “entities” that instruct and teach him, he is able to communicate with them.

In Elijah’s final encounter with God, written in the Second Book of Kings, the prophet “goes up by a whirlwind” into Heaven by what’s described in the Hebrew Bible as a fiery horse-drawn chariot. Elijah tells of a spinning object with something that was described as a “beam” that takes him into the “Heavens” . For the faithful, this extraordinary event is believed to be a religious miracle.

Today we can easily place this encounter with “God” as a UFO encounter. We can compare the experience Elijah describes and connect it easily to the description of today’s rockets and Space Ships. What we have here is a description of a Extraterrestrial encounter, Elijah meets these “entities” that instruct and teach him, he is able to communicate with them.

What we need to realize about religion or better said, “Biblical religion” is that in fact it is a extraterrestrial religion. God is not from Earth, the Angels and messengers from God come from “The Heavens” they come to Earth, so they are in each and every way extraterrestrial, and this does not contradict or change in any way the view or belief, it is simply put, something which most of believers don’t realize or think about.

Book of Mormon

24-year-old visionary Joseph Smith Jr. is the publisher of the Book of Mormon and it is he who creates the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which is a religious movement with over 14 million followers today. What is fascinating is that in the personal accounts of Smith Jr. we can read about his interaction with an extraterrestrial being.

Joseph Smith Jr. had a “vision”, an Angel named Moroni appeared to Smith Jr. which told him about the golden plates that were buried in a stone box a few miles from Smith’s home. In that cave he was going to find unknown writings. Smith was able to translate a portion of the writing, and it is from them that the Book of Mormon was created, according to stories Smith after translating the plates, they were returned to the Angel Moroni.

Some stories state that it is this Angel called Moroni who told Smith Jr. that he came from the star system “Pleiades”, so in context we know that the origin of the Book of Mormon is in another star system, it is extraterrestrial.

Zoroastrianism and prophet Zarathustra

Zarathustra was the founder of a religion, he lived approx. 2,600 years ago. One day he was traveling near modern day Iran when he had a visitor, Ahuru Mazda, a divine encounter that eventually led to the major form of monotheism in the entire area. This precedes the Egyptian, Hebrew and Christian form of monotheism.

The Zoroastrian texts called the Avesta, tell that Zarathustra met with Ahuru Mazda at the top of a mountain that was shrouded in clouds and bathed in an eerie light.

 Zarathustra carries the idea that there is one true god,  the god of truth, and truth is a great central principle in the Zoroastrian worldview, right and wrong, good and evil.  Today many researchers and even some historians believe these divine prophecies provide proof that the prophet was following commands from extraterrestrial being(s).

When we look at the description of  Zarathustra encountering Ahura Mazda, what we have is a human being which comes into contact with a non-human intelligence, it is exactly this what is today referred to as an alien encounter. Zarathustra is described to have an extraterrestrial encounter however you look at it because they are indicative physical encounters.

Oracle of Delphi

 At Mount Parnassus lie the ruins of a marble sanctuary that was once home to one of history’s most famous prophets, a temple priestess known as the Oracle of Delphi.

The Oracle of Delphi is the most famous oracle from the ancient world. There was a temple dedicated to Apollo, and it is Apollo who was considered  the central god for prophecy.  

The temple was established for Apollo in Delphi, and that  became the seat of the actual oracle where people would visit. the oracle was inside the temple.

Also known as Pythia, the oracle could be found sitting on a tall, three-legged seat over an opening in the earth, where  vapors rising from the ground would put her into some sort of trance.

The whole function of the Oracle of Delphi was to channel the God Apollo. He was considered as the god of civilization, the central role. He was considered the god of prophecy and also the god of light.

For more than a thousand years, the oracle and her numerous successors gave advice to everyone from emperors and generals to poets and politicians. It played a very important role in the life of man. Everything seemed to revolve around the Oracle.

Today we know that Prophecy was central  to the Greek worldview, and the affairs of state, the planning of battles, any important decisions, would be taken to the oracle to be considered so that guidance from the God Apollo could be received. You would come here to ask advice about anything, from family to going to war. It was the place where people came to ask for “heavenly” opinion.

The priestess was there to be the liaison, the connection to Apollo. When people came to the Oracle they would ask specific questions to the priestess and it is she who would “channel” or communicate the answer from Apollo himself.

The question to what we do not have a clear answer to is, how was this possible? How could the Oracle predict in such accurate way everything dating from the “Trojan War”   the eventual decline of Greek power to the slaughter of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae.

Scientists today believe it was due to the “toxic”  fumes from various gases seeping out of  Mount Parnassus. But is it possible that there is another explanation to this? Is it possible that the Oracle was connected to an specific, extraterrestrial source? Which could predict the future accurately, someone the Greek knew as Apollo.

Is it possible that “Gods” for ancient mankind like Apollo and Ahuru Mazda were some sort of advanced race of celestial beings? Could they have been extraterrestrials that used humans as their “messengers”, or “prophets” as we refer to them today? Perhaps one of the most famous prophets know to man is Nostradamus.

1555.  A chemist and apothecary named Michel de Nostradame publishes an almanac titled The Prophecies.He writes more than a thousand four-line poetic verses called “quatrains,” verses that seem to predict the future. Michel began to have visions at a very early age. He would stare into a bowl with water and while staring at the water for some time he would “receive” visions of the future.

He lived in a very difficult era, at the time he began having visions, seeing into the future was considered witchcraft. What he did was, mask his visions in quatrains, four-line prose poems, in which he hid the future very carefully so that you wouldn’t really understand the quatrain until after the event had occurred. In the centuries after his death, Nostradamus has been credited with predicting everything from the Great  Chicago Fire of 1871 and the rise of Hitler in the 1930’s. what remains a mystery is the source of his visions and his ability to predict the future so accurately.

Scientifically visions Nostradamus had could be explained by  zero-point energy, the zero-point field, a different dimension and so on.

Researchers today believe that everything and everyone connects through the zero-point field, where a collection of electric charges from every thought, action and event of the past, present and future is stored. The zero-point field could be viewed today as a huge cloud storage where everything can be found and seen.

The concept of the zero-point field rests on the theory that the universe occupies more than just the three spatial dimensions of height, width and depth. This evolving concept is known as “string theory.”

Dozens of ancient cultures have described in the past the existence of a “cosmic well” of knowledge to which only certain individuals have access to. The Hindus refer to it as the “Akashic Record.”

Is it possible that prophets like Nostradamus had access to this immense “cloud service” thanks to which they could predict the future? Or can these visions be attributed to a extraterrestrial source?

To what can we attribute all of the prophecies that have marked mankind’s history? Is there an extraterrestrial influence to this? Or is there a zero-point field that stores all of the information and to which certain individuals have access to? Maybe we will never find out but one thing is sure, mankind will continue the search for knowledge and perhaps one day the answer to these mysteries will be revealed.



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