New Pictures Of Roswell Aliens Incident To Be Released

New Pictures Of Roswell Aliens Incident To Be Released

There's an announcement regarding the previously unseen pictures of the Roswell incident that have been kept secret in an attic. The news confirms that those secret pictures are to be revealed for the first time after 25 years. The pictures kept in secret will totally shed some light on the Roswell incident which took place in 1947.

According to a report from KOB:

“Any kind of evidence that would provide a little bit more substantial proof, I think would be incredibly exciting,” - Karen Rodgers.

The pictures will not be revealed until the month of May. It was reportedly found in an attic in Arizona in 1989. The owners of the pictures are Bernerd and Hilda Ray, who are now deceased. The said pictures are to be believed to have aliens on it.

“[I'm] very curious how they could have remained hidden all this time, I’m anxious to see what they reveal, if anything new.” - Randall Pendleton

Up to now, the pictures remains to be a huge mystery. The pictures that's anticipated to reveal the origin of the Roswell aliens will be revealed at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on May 5. There will be live streaming for the photos. Also, a presentation on the pictures in Roswell will also be done on the UFO festival in July.



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