Justin Bieber Was Born Female According To Forensic Evidences

Justin Bieber is a worldwide phenomenon and he now stands as one of the world's known pop stars around. And with a string of big hits under his belt, there's also room for controversies that surrounds him - the price of fame, right?  Some issues linking him would be easily regarded as fictitious and fake, so we will go with an issue that has some alleged "forensic evidence" in it.

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility that Bieber is in fact female. Bieber is incredibly handsome and there are people who finds his looks to be too feminine-like. The forensic evidence is now being made public, for all to see.

It would be unimaginable to see the reactions of  the female fans that screams for him when they knew that he may be totally a female as well, right? Well, there's still no concrete evidence to this claim as we just seen Bieber in a Calvin Klein ad wherein he shows us some male goodies. But with a lot of theories that points him out as a female may easily confuse anyone. Is Bieber a transgender? You Decide.




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