Alien Wears Apollo 17 Astronaut Suit

Alien Wears Apollo 17 Astronaut Suit

It is a known fact that the Apollo 17 mission made it as one of the most talked about events on space exploration. It was the final mission of the United States’ Apollo program which consists of Commander Eugene Cernan, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans, and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt.

There was a video uploaded to YouTube wherein a UFO researcher that goes by the name Streetcap1 has questioned the Apollo 17 mission and the astronaut that appears in one of the images of the Apollo mission. Here's the zoomed image:

Streetcap1 believes that there is something not right in the image. He zoomed in the image of the Apollo 17 mission and it led him to conclude that inside the astronaut suite, there is something else, that is not a human being, or better said, it is not Apollo 17 Commander Cernan. lt was suggested by him and the commenters that inside the suit is an actual extraterrestrial being.


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