100-Year-Old Ghost Photobombs Family Swimming

100-Year-Old Ghost Photobombs Family Swimming

They say that restless spirits finds its way of making their presence felt and in sone ways, their way of showing themselves truly creeps anyone out. Just like an image posted to Facebook which claims to show the ghost of a 13-year-old girl. The girl died from drowning exactly 100 years ago in a water hole in southeast Queensland. The creepy photo was uploaded to “Toowoomba Ghost Chasers."

According to Davison, she was just swimming with her friend named Jessie Lu at Murphy’s Hole in the Lockyer River, southeast Queensland. They are joined by three children, the group decided to take a group picture and the end product shocked them. The photo appears to show a fourth white, ghostly face with dark eyes and horn-like shapes on either side of the head. The ghost that photobombed the picture was identified as Doreen O'Sullivan who drowned in November 22, 1915.

“I [Jessie Lu] am the lady in the white sunglasses. There were only three children there on that day. Two adults in the water and two adults on the bank. One was taking the photo by her phone camera. We have had two IT specialists look at this photo. At the time of taking this photo there was nothing between us.” - Jessie Lu

“At the time of taking this photo there was nothing between us. I’m holding the little girl and that white head next to me with horns is not human, I can promise you that. Its fingers are on my shoulder and on my daughter’s arm. They are long skeletal type fingers. It’s kinda weird now I think about it cause I never swim in creeks but on this day I did and when I went back in for one last dip to cool off I did feel something behind me as I was walking out of water but tried to ignore it.” - Davison

Both Jessie and Davison got the shock of their lives when they knew about Doreen O’Sullivan's creepy tale. Both women now believes that the fourth child in the photo was the ghost of Doreen O’Sullivan.


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