Young Boy Vividly Remembers His Past Life As A 70-Year Old Woman

Reincarnation is truly one theory or phenomena that never ceases to tickle anyone's imagination as it tackles how anyone can be related or connected to their ancestors or total strangers. The thought of being reincarnated may be one of the to-do list on someone's bucket list. And with the overwhelming stories of Reincarnation, it is no wonder that we can truly see more people aiming to experience reincarnation on their next lives.

What happens when someone experiences reincarnation? Is it truly something that only happens to us when we die? Do we strangely move onto another entity to start a new life?

Meet Luke, a little boy who amazingly has the ability to remember his past life as a woman who met her death in the age of 70. Luke can even remember his past life's name, Pam.
“We shouldn’t define the soul by race or gender.”

Watch the video here:


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