Woman Makes Yogurt From Own Vagina and Eats It Afterwards

The wonders of technology is truly amazing and unbelievable at some times. It just goes to show how many people can think of ways to help better our future by inventing/discovering things. But there are some really weird and bizarre experiments and one of them would be this one. A scientist made yogurt from her own vagina and then eats it as a part of an experiment.

Meet University of Wisconsin PhD student Cecilia Westbrook, the one who made two batches of her very own natural yogurt. She got the inspiration to do some through a cookbook which documents odd recipes using sperm.

"In a way, it's so obvious. Like, of course you can make yogurt out of your natural flora. But who would think to do it? And of course the feminist in me wants to say something about how there's a beauty in connecting your body to your food and exploring the power that your vagina has. Part of that is kind of a mystical hippie thing, but part of it is also just getting comfortable with your own body, especially in a culture that is so uncomfortable with women's bodies." - Cecilia Westbrook
The yogurt was created overnight, she made use of a wooden spoon to collect her ingredients then later fermenting it in a dish. She tasted it the next day and she said that the taste of the vagina yogurt resembles the taste of an Indian yogurt. Westrook's journey through her odd recipe was documented by a friend, Janet Jay.
"Every vagina is home to hundreds of different types of bacteria and organisms.The dominant bacteria is called lactobacillus, which also happens to be what people sometimes use to culture milk, cheese, and yogurt." - Janet Jay

The experiment seems to have favorable results but they were warned by a microbiologist from the University of Idaho, Larry Forney. It was a bad idea according to Forney, he even  even discussed that by doing more batches of vagina yogurt, there's a high chance of getting a bad one since vagina is known to have more bacteria and anyone could get exposed or eat it may be in grave danger..


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