Woman Found Worm Slipping Out of the McDonald's Cheeseburger She Is Eating in Philippines

Fast food chains are everywhere and that alone gives people a variety of choices on which one they will patronize. Of course, you would go for the fast food chain that already has a good reputation to prevent putting yourself in danger. But what would you do if your favorite fast food meal has an ingredient that you did not asked for?

A woman named Susan Longuinsa from  Davao City, Philippines found something unusual on the cheeseburger she ordered from one of the leading fast food chains globally. Allegedly, there was a worm found on her cheeseburger.

The woman got the shock of her life as she might have eaten a part of the worm on her burger. The woman hurriedly reported the incident with the fears that she might get diseases from the said meal. The woman shared that she was already close in finishing the burger when she noticed the worm slipping out of it. She took a closer look and it was indeed a worm that she have found.

The Health office of Davao City already coordinated with the Bureau of Food and Drugs to make further investigations regarding the said incident. The fast food chain also shared that the incident is being investigated and they are doing sanitary checks to prevent the incident from happening again.


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