Study Reveals That Filipinos Comment On Facebook Without Reading Posts

Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon and up until now, people are still into it as evidenced by numerous people who joins and uses the famous social networking site as time goes by. Facebook is a place for users to connect with people they know, have fun on games, share photos and videos, and more. And if you are a certified Facebook user, you must have been able to experience this cringe-worthy habit by some Facebook users and that is "commenting on numberous posts without reading the entirety of its message/meaning."

A recent study reveals that Filipino Facebook users usually comment on the site without actually reading posts. The study was conducted by Asian Research Institutes for Understanding Humor and Silly Walks (ARIUHSW). The study claims that a lot of Filipino users would only read the title and the first sentence, then proceed with leaving their comments.

They just read the title, and maybe the first sentence of the post, and then off they go writing their comments. This explains why most FB comments sound inane, uninformed and – how shall I put it scientifically? – really moronic. - Dr. Soon Tu Ve Hung, spokesman of ARIUHSW

Based on the said study, there are two reasons why many Filipinos don’t read the post before they comment:

1. “commenters are cheap, or they don’t have enough money”,
2.“commenters can’t read, and maybe they’re illiterate.”

Aside from the two reasons, Dr. Hung also said that there is another group of commenters and they are those who read the full post yet completely misunderstood what the post was all about.

Lastly, Dr. Hung claimed that there is a huge chance that people who will read this study will take it seriously and may ask the government to investigate about ARIUHSW.


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