On-Duty Pinoy Nurses Engages in Sexual Act While Caring For An Elderly Patient

Being a nurse is not an easy ride as you need to go through series of lessons, examinations, duties and training before you get your much-awaited diploma and eventually, license. Aside from the compensation, there's a huge acclaim for nurses since their work involves devotion, passion and care for their patients. But how would you react if you see nurses behaving badly?

San Diego, California - two Filipino nurses made headlines as they were caught on camera doing something naughty while on duty. On the said video footage, two nurses were seen pleasuring each other right bedside their patient's bed. Their patient is a 99-year-old stroke patient and of course, the patient was shocked to witness the said lewd acts.

The on-duty nurses were identified as Russel Torralba, 42, and Alfredo Ruiz, 43. According to a report from GMA News, the 99-year-old stroke patient’s family requested to review the security footage of her room . The patient gave non-verbal cues to her family after the act done by the nurses were done. When the family got hold of the footage, they were shocked to discover that the two on-duty nurses engages in an act that was supposedly done to a private room, not on a patient's room while on duty. One shocking clip also shows the two nurses touching the elderly woman while they were pleasuring themselves.

The two nurses faces felony charges for inflicting mental suffering on an elderly. They were also stripped of their licenses. The nurses have already pleaded guilty to the felony charges and will face sentencing on March 30.

 Watch the video here:


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