Man Survives 7-storey Building Fall Given by ISIS For Being Gay Then Stoned to his Death

The whole world were a witness to several punishments ISIS gives to anyone who contradicts their beliefs, one of it was the punishment that involves throwing anyone whose proven to be gay from a roof to a tower block.

It was uploaded to the internet and people all over the world were shocked by it, the said punishment sparked online debates.

A blindfolded man which was allegedly thrown from the roof of a tower block, simply for being gay was able to survive. It was known that the gay men were thrown from seven storeys high but if you survive the fall, you will be stoned to death. Just like what happened to this man.

He is believed to be in his 50s and the crime he allegedly committed was having a ‘homosexual affair’.He survived the fall but unfortunately, onlookers gather around him and they prepared to throw stones at him. They threw stones at him until he is finally dead.



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