Little Girl Shockingly Pulled Down To The Ground By Invisible Force

What would you do if your home is being lurked by mysterious entities? Entities that may be playful that you and your family will get creep out by their presence?

A home video goes viral as it shows the creepy moment involving a one-year-old girl named Lexi Hood which was pulled to the ground by a mysterious invisible force. Lexi was just enjoying her playtime that time, she can be seen playing peek-a-boo with her father, Gareth, and mother, Charlene at their own home in Bridgend, Wales. The fun family bonding turned eerie when she was suddenly knocked to the ground.

Mr. Garrett Hood claimed that his daughter, who he described as ‘sturdy on her feet’ references a ‘naughty boy’ as if she was telling someone off.  Is it the one who pulled Lexi to the ground? Is that unseen force only wanted to play? or is it up to no good?



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