Grim Reaper Spotted Right Beside A Man Involved On A Horrific Accident

Grim Reaper Spotted Right Beside A Man Involved On A Horrific Accident

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that there's a grim reaper waiting for us when it is already our time to leave this world? Or do you believe that we have our own guardian angel that's willing to protect us in times of danger?

A man from Oregon miraculously survived a 50-vehicle pileup traffic accident. The survival story of this man is truly unbelievable but there's also one thing that makes his story hard not to share at all. In a photograph of the freeway accident, a strange robed figure was spotted next to the man's pickup truck which was wedged between two tractor-trailers.

Meet Kaleb Whitby, the man who survived the horrific accident. He was only traveling on Interstate 84 in eastern Oregon when he got involved in a major traffic accident that left twelve people injured. Whitby managed to escape a mangled Chevy Silverado pickup with only scratches. Another man named Sergi Karplyuk, who was also involved in the accident captured a photo of the scene. He did not thought that he wuill capture something more isnister than the accident.
"I was just praying that this can't be my time and that hoping that everything would be okay and that I would make it back to family. Thank God that I'm still alive, Now I've got to go figure out why, When I was sitting in the pickup, I didn't feel like it was bad as it did as when you step out and look at. The fog was a lot thicker than I liked so I went ahead and slowed back down. I noticed the truck in front of me started to brake and then started to sway. That ended up pushing my back end back into traffic and there was a semi that was behind me, then he hit my bed, which then folded that underneath the first truck, then my nose underneath his truck. I'm just glad to be alive," - Kaleb Whitby to FOX News
Watch the video here:

Being able to escape his death from the accident, witnesses at the accident scene firmly believes that Whitby indeed had a guardian angel that's taking care of him.


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