Ghost Hunters Capture Evidence of Numerous Spirits Terrorizing the Craigavon Mansion in Northern Ireland

During an investigation at the Craigavon Mansion in Northern Ireland, East Coast Paranormal Society got the chance to capture two eerie images of two entities manifesting in two separate forms. It is believed that these spirits haunts the mansion ages ago.

The first image features a reflection in a mirror, the image shows the spirit of a bearded man that appears to be standing at the top of a flight of stairs.  The said mansion was once the home of Northern Ireland’s first prime minister, Sir James Craig. But the house turned into a UVF hospital to treat soldiers during World War I.

The second image shows a ghostly mist that was manifested in front of the camera. The mansion later became the Somme Nursing Home. The house is now officially closed. The mansion's condition inevitably deteriorated since then.

 East Coast Paranormal Society believes that the mist seen in the second image could be the spirit of Ethel, a former matron who became very attached to the hospital. Ethel became too attached to the mansion and never left it as evidenced by her apparition on the second image. The bearded man on the first image is still not identified though it truly shows that it is a real ghost/spirit lurking in the abandoned mansion.


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