Aswang Caught by Locals Transforming Into a Bat

Aswangs are known as one,of the most terrifying urban legends/myths in the Philippines and to its neighbouring countries. It has an ability to fly and be a shape-shifter. They crave for human flesh and blood. There are a lot of theories that proves their existence and one of the latest speculation about their existence comes from the Philippines.

Local authorities and local men swears that they saw a woman change her appearance into a bat, the said incident was shared to multiple social media platforms and one of it was in Facebook. According to a Facebook post made by Babyrose Bisagas Dinglasan, an old lady was in a waiting shed at Best Land Brgy.Mayao Crossing when she turned into a bat.

The alleged aswang was brought to the barangay hall wherein she was interviewed by the tanods (barangay peace officers) but she was later released after allegedly making the threat that her family would kill all the people in the barangay if the officers won’t release her.

Another speculation that came up tackles the psychological condition of the woman, other locals told authorities that the woman is not an Aswang to be scared at because she needs help as she now roams around town due to her psychological problem. Another comment from the Facebook post further supported that speculation as the comment stated that the woman once had a family but she left them because she cannot take anymore the domestic abuse she's been getting on her home.

Up until now, people are still guessing and exchanges arguments on whether the woman was really an aswang or another case of someone who just simply lost her mind.


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