Woman Used Potato As Contraception Had Its Roots Growing Inside Her Body

Woman Used Potato As Contraception Had Its Roots Growing Inside Her Body

A Colombian woman is reported to be growing a potato inside her. The doctors from a central Colombian town have discovered that a potato is growing inside the woman who happens to be their patient. The woman admitted that she used potato to avoid unwanted pregnancy, she used the potato as a contraception. The doctors found out that the roots of the potato have unexpectedly lived on her  and is now growing inside her body.

According to Colombian Reports, The woman went to the hospital to complain about her excruciating stomach pains, The doctors examined her body and they discovered a potato growing inside her body, The woman admitted that her mother advised her to use potato inside her genitalia as a form of contraception.
"My mum told me that if I didn't want to get pregnant, I should put a potato up there, and I believed her,"
The woman left the potato inside her vagina for two weeks and she only started to doubt about its benefits on her body when she felt stomach pains. The doctors said that the potato's roots have found its way to germinate inside her vagina. The nurse who examined her vagina even found out that roots were already emerging from her  organ. The doctors immediately removed the potato from the woman's body without surgery.

The case was said to be an example of poor  education to some of the Colombian families. Studies show that teenage pregnancy in Colombia were high due to refusal of medically approved contraceptives and proper s education. This refusals are said to be one of the huge factors that leads to unsafe  which can be the root causes of sexual diseases.

The woman who have grown potato inside her vagina have been told that the potato was removed already and she won't be suffering any long term effects from it. But, she was advised to go on education seminars to practice legit contraception.


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