U.S. Military Soldiers' Invisible “Stealth” Suit Caught On Camera

Every country that thinks of ensuring its territories' safety prioritizes their armed forces and military power through the help of vigorous training, allotment of funds and improvised technology. Any citizen would be proud to have a country who can boast a consistent and prepared military support. And in this video, would it be possible that the government is taking their military preparedness to the next level?

In a video that seems to be just a normal footage at a military site shows how amazing and cool what it is to be in the military as it shows soldiers wearing invisible "Stealth' suits. When the video gets to be around the 3.30 minute mark, you can totally see transparent figures running to the tank and climbs inside.

Watch the video here:


Is this a manifestation of evolving military power as it can now achieve the invisible soldier technology?


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