The Terrifying Blackburn Ghost Caught On Video

There's really something odd, bizarre and creepy that happens when you go out at night and the eerie thing about is those creepy situations happens when you least expected it. Just like what happened to these two men who captured a creepy proof about the existence of such thing as "BLACKBURN GHOST."

The two men from a vehicle saw something creepy out in the middle of the Blackburn countryside. It's indeed pitch black and the car they are riding seems to be reversing towards something. The two men started to talk amongst themselves, It can be noted that they sound uncertain, uncomfortable and anxious.

The creepy thing happens when the two men saw a ghostly figure moving about in the distance, The ghostly figure can be seen in a white dress with long black hair that covers its face,shuffling with a walking stick and is also hunched unnaturally far over. The men got terrified which led them to hurriedly to drive the other way without leaving the ghost out of their sight. One of the men shouted 'faster!' to his companion whose driving the car.

What happens next was terrifying as the ghost stops and starts to wander off. The men then decided to drive up to it to flash their lights. That’s when the figure lets out a terrifying shriek and started dashing towards them, and the video ends.

Watch the Video here:



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