The Mystical Giant Footprint and Ancient Pyramid in Lepakshi, India

The Mystical Giant Footprint and Ancient Pyramid in Lepakshi, India

Truly big things may come from small packages. You don't need to underestimate a certain people, place, etc for its size as you don't know what they possess that can shock you or can be regarded as a national treasure. A perfect example to that notion would be a small village in India. Lepakshi is a small village in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a small place but don't let its size fool you as this village remains to be a very important part in our history. The place possess a mystery that can be used to enhance our history and archaeology.

Sita Amman Kovil, A Hindu temple wherein lies footprints of a giant. Sita’s blue temple can be seen on the shades of the mountain along with shrines to Rama, Sita and Hanuman, the monkey God. Beside this temple, a stream and a large rock with giant footprints on it can be found. It was believed to be the footprints of Hanuman as he jumped to find Sita and give her Rama’s ring. There is also similar giant footprints of Shri Ram and Sita at Sphatik Shila and in Chitrakoot.

Adding to the mystical reputation of  the giant footprint would be the trickle of water coming into it. The said trickle of water;s origin is not known up until now. There's also a huge Nandi bull which was made out of a single granite stone. The huge Nandi bull is one of the main attractions in Lepakshi. Aside from the giant footprint that tickles anyone's imagination due to its mystery, A pyramid, reptilian race and megalithic bull statue can be also seen in Lepakshi. Truly a testament that there is more than meet the eye in a very small village called Lepakshi.



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